Julian Rosenblum
Programmer - Musician - Writer



  • Yale University, Class of 2018
    • B.S. Computer Science, summa cum laude
  • Hunter College High School, Class of 2014
    • Computer Science Award
    • Beatrice Reuss Award for Excellence and Outstanding Commitment to Musical Life at Hunter
    • Life of the Mind Award


  • Facebook
    • Software Engineer (2018 — )
    • Software Engineering Intern (Summer, 2017)
  • SquareSoftware Engineering Intern (Summer, 2016)
  • MongoDBSoftware Engineering Intern (Summer, 2015)
  • KeyMeSoftware Engineering Intern (Summer, 2014)
  • Columbia University (work done while in high school)
    • TA for COMS W4115 Programming Languages and Translators (Fall, 2013)
    • Graduate-level research with adviser Stephen Edwards, static analysis of Haskell programs to optimize memory management of lists (2013 — 2014)

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • C
  • Haskell
  • OCaml
  • Ruby/Rails
  • Java

  • Sharp11
    • Music theory multitool with a jazz focus
    • Analyzes chords, creates scales, improvises over jazz chords and produces MIDI output
    • Available as an API and an interactive web app
  • Markato
    • Simple, powerful, and concise format for writing lyrics and chords
    • Customizable interface for displaying, transposing, and printing your songs
    • Play through the chords of your song with arrow keys and spacebar
    • www.markato.studio
  • Monquey
    • The No}}}); MongoDB Shell Syntax (compiler written in Haskell)
    • A custom designed, easier to read syntax for the MongoDB shell, transpiles to JavaScript
  • freshStart
    • Anonymous social-networking site for my high school (node.js, MySQL)
    • Users are anonymously paired based on gender and grade criteria, allowing them to make a second first impression
    • Over 500 registered users, over 150,000 messages sent
  • Flytrap(internship project at MongoDB)
    • Server to collect, process, and display crash reports produced by Google Breakpad
    • node.js, Express, Mocha, Jade, MongoDB, Bootstrap, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda)
  • FOGL(Figure Oriented Graphics Language)
    • Designed original, high-level, imperative language and implemented compiler in OCaml high-level
    • Group leader of project for Columbia University COMS W4115
  • Yale Course Name Generator
    • Generates amusing fictitious courses based on real Yale course data
  • Wizargs
    • An npm module for defining functions with complex arguments
    • Supports required arguments, arguments with default values, splats, argument conditions, and more
  • SumType.js
    • Implementation of Haskell style sum types (tagged unions) in JavaScript
  • RADL(Really Awesome Data Language)
    • A language used for data storage that combines features from JSON and XML
    • RADL to JSON and RADL to XML translators written in Python
  • CanvasPlus


A collection of browser games that I've made over the years


I'm a pianist, drummer, composer, and arranger. I enjoy playing a variety of genres including jazz, rock, and R&B. I've played drums with the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Orchestra and Yale-based R&B/Funk group Shyampagne.

I served for two years as the head arranger for the Yale Precision Marching Band, for whom I've arranged over 65 songs spanning genres from rock to pop to hip-hop. In addition, I have composed a number of original works.

When possible, I like to combine music and programming, yielding projects like Sharp11 and Markato.



Stand-up Comedy