Julian Rosenblum
Software Engineer | Comedy Writer/Composer

About Me

Welcome to my website! I do a lot of different things, so bear with me.

My software career has spanned from news aggregation to live video to UI infrastructure. I am the author of a new musical comedy, Bohemian Progeny, which was named the best musical of the 2022-2023 season by theater critic Peter Filichia. I am also the creator of Carol and Ethel’s Podcast, where my sister and I star as the internet's favorite Jewish grandmothers.

My written work has been published in McSweeney’s and the Yale Record and my musical theater work has been performed at 54 Below and Urban Stages. When possible, I like to combine music and programming, yielding projects like Sharp11 and Markato.

I was born in, raised in, and refuse to leave New York City.


A collection of browser games that I've made over the years


I'm a composer, arranger, pianist, and drummer. I've written works across various genres from jazz to rock to classical, but these days I primarily write musical theater.

I also served for two years as the head arranger for the Yale Precision Marching Band, for whom I've arranged over 65 songs spanning genres from rock to pop to hip-hop.

Listen to "Song About New York" performed at 54 Below

Comedy Writing

Stand-up Comedy